Digital Advertising Copywriter 262 views is the world’s largest technology platform for social change, with more than 250 million users. Our team spans 18 countries and empowers hundreds of millions of people to use their voice to win the change they want to see. Nearly every hour, a petition on wins victory.

In the US alone, hundreds of people use to start petitions every single day, on everything from ending mass shootings to curbing food waste in grocery stores to overturning discriminatory laws and everything in between.

We’re looking for a talented visual storyteller with social media savvy to elevate the heroes that start these campaigns and help them win, and win loudly.

About the role:

In this role, you’ll make a huge impact as you amplify the stories of millions of people creating their own local campaigns for social change. You’ll be producing compelling video, designing bold visuals, and managing social media.

You’ll join our team of talented, fun, whipsmart campaigners and communications staff working together to elevate the voices of people using to make a difference.

In other words, you’ll tell the story of and the everyday heroes who start campaigns on the site, inspiring millions to believe in their own potential to alter the world around them. On any given day, you might be filming petition starters fighting for change in their communities, cutting videos for rapid release online, crafting memes that bring campaigns fresh momentum, or designing eye-catching ads and visual that move people to action. You’ll wake up every day knowing that your work can change lives.

About you:

You’re a creative person who is passionate about telling stories of everyday people making a difference to shape society for the better and inspiring millions to believe in their own potential.

In this role, you will:

  • Create content strategies for various fast-moving campaigns, and about
  • Collaborate with the campaigns team to identify and amplify rapid response moments.
  • Produce compelling videos showcasing stories of success, people power, and impact through That could be everything from 30 second campaign videos pulled together from existing content on the fly to managing external producers to deliver gorgeous video stories.
  • Design visual, of-the-moment content to draw attention to critical issues, and stories on or about
  • Support petition starters by amplifying their stories on social media, driving traffic to their petitions, and managing community and conversations across social media platforms.

You’re a great fit for this role if you have:

  • 1 – 3 years experience working in marketing, advertising, or media production;
  • Commitment to our mission of empowering people everywhere to create the change they want to see in the world;
  • A strong eye for design and the ability to quickly generate compelling visual content;
  • Experience using social media and digital tools to bolster public engagement and reach broad audiences;
  • A strong connection to the “cultural zeitgeist” – you know who is talking about what, and how creative campaigns can dominate national narratives;
  • Strong organization and project management skills, comfortable working in a fast-paced environment and managing multiple tasks;
  • Strong sense of fun and experimentation — our team is constantly trying new tactics, taking risks, and pushing ourselves to challenge assumptions, go all-in, and imagine the impossible.

As a bonus, you might also have:

  • Ace video production or editing skills;
  • A dedicated social media following;
  • Experience working remotely — you will need to be comfortable speaking to petition starters via phone, on video calls, and working with colleagues on video conferences, chat platforms, etc.

Talent, enthusiasm, and leadership matter more to us than ticking boxes. If even one or two of the criteria on our wishlist speak to you and you’re excited about this role, we want to hear from you.

This is a full-time role ideally based in our office in New York, but we will also consider exceptional people in Washington DC or other East Coast US locations, or in San Francisco

The salary for Creative Campaigner is $61,500 in New York. is global company, and salaries are adjusted for cost of living in each city. (For example, a salary of $61,500 in New York would be $58,000 in DC or $63,500 in San Francisco). In exceptional circumstances, we may offer slightly below the listed salary for high potential candidates with less experience, or slightly above it for candidates with significantly more experience.

We offer generous benefits including unlimited paid vacation, 18 weeks fully paid parental leave, and comprehensive healthcare, vision, dental and life insurance. is certified public benefit corporation. We enjoy our work, and working with each other.

We’re committed to building a team that is as diverse as the communities we serve. We strongly encourage people of different backgrounds, cultures, genders, experiences, abilities and perspectives to apply. Applications close February 25, and we encourage you to apply early.

We are working for a world where no one is powerless, and where creating change is a part of everyday life. Join us.

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