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Want to work remotely? Want to make an impact by working for a small company that values autonomy and working collaboratively in a team to solve challenging problems? Love learning new technology? Then you’ll fit right into the Marketcircle Team!
We’re looking for an experienced software developer to join our Backend Team.

You are:

      • an experienced software developer, with some experience building backend services
      • comfortable working remotely
      • comfortable working independently or collaboratively

You have:

    • a solid understanding of modern backend applications
    • experience with modern API design and ideally know your way around in a web framework such as Ruby on Rails, Django, or Sinatra
    • experience with a either Ruby, Python, or a similar scripting language
    • an appreciation for well written, tested, and documented code
    • experience with Linux or a BSD
    • experience with Git and GitHub

Bonus points for:

    • experience with infrastructure management tools (like Puppet, Ansible or Chef)
    • experience with cloud infrastructure providers (like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or DigitalOcean)
    • knowing your way around the network stack, from HTTP to TCP to IP and have a solid understanding of security (TLS/ IPSec/Firewalls)

Things you might be working on:

    • RESTful interfaces to persist data for our client apps
    • authentication and payment backends
    • PostgreSQL database(s) with custom extensions
    • Elasticsearch indexing and search
How to Apply:  We ask all applicants to participate in a small Coding Challenge before applying. Please go to follow the instructions.
Marketcircle Inc. is a fun and distributed tech company. We believe in the power of Kaizen, teamwork, creativity, ownership, and empathy. By embodying these core values we know we impact the lives of our customers, and each other.
Our mission is to empower small business worldwide which drives us to develop a native macOS and iOS app that helps thousands create organization of what would otherwise be chaos.
Tired of a long commute to work? As long as you have reliable internet, and can work between 10:00AM – 3:00PM EST (core hours), you can work from anywhere! We expect results, not monkeys sitting in cubes for 10 hours a day! Though we are mostly remote, our team tries to meet up in the office every now and again to share some laughs, build camaraderie and eat some good food! We also make it a point to do activities together, like axe throwing, escape rooms, evenings out, etc.

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