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We want to change the way everyone travels. We want travelers to experience the best local insights every time and make the most out of their trip. This is your chance to help us change that.

Arrivedo works with a community of more than 1600 international freelance writers, (including, but not limited to) travel-oriented bloggers, authors, literature and creative writing students who create Neighborhood Guides for hotels all over the world. We currently host over 650 Neighborhood Guides for hotels in more than 120 cities around the globe, providing our services to renowned international chains like JW Marriott, Waldorf-Astoria, Four Seasons, Westin Hotels & Resorts, Ritz-Carlton, as well as B&Bs, hostels and boutique hotels in remote locations around the globe.

What does the Arrivedo Writers Community do?
Help travelers with local recommendations you share in a hotel’s Neighborhood Guides.

How do THEY do it?
1st: Outreach to hotels: Approach hotels via email or in person offering to set up their writer’s profile in Arrivedo. (We provide support, resources, and incentives to help you)

2nd: Gather hotels local recommendations: Interview hotel staff to collect the hotel’s local recommendations and insights into their neighborhood.
3th: Create a Neighborhood Guide: Use Arrivedo’s editor to create 8-10 short articles showcasing the hotel’s local recommendations from themes ranging from routes, gastronomy, nightlife, cultural activities, essential tips and more. Here is an example Neighborhood Guide from Hotel Majestic in Chicago: https://arrivedo.com/dest/en/chicago/hotel/the-majestic-hotel-3.

Why do THEY do it?
With Arrivedo you have the chance to go beyond and help travelers to experience the world in a different way with your written word. You have the opportunity to share and learn about other cultures. The unique community of Arrivedo Writers helps you with the best tips on how to communicate your ideas, outreach and even get to know others around the globe.

What are the benefits?

  • Getting certified as one of Arrivedo’s 1600 international travel writers.
  • Be part of our private network of Arrivedo Writers.
  • Being able to sell your writing services to any hotel in the world. Arrivedo does not take a commission from your deals with hotels. Transactions are 1-on-1 in between writers and hotels.
  • Improve your Sales skills. We assign you a coach to help you on the outreaching process and provide you with all needed material.
  • Be aware that hotels prefer to pay with free accommodation (normally 3 nights), but you can negotiate a monetary payment.

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